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AC30 Please 7 years 10 months ago #5648. I would love you to do a Vox AC15/30. Not the new ones but an original AC15 as used by Hank,with an EF86 What i mean is I'd like a single amp sim that via various modes and switches can do everything from a vox ac15/30 to a matchless or badcat to

Vox AC30C2 30 Watt 2x12" Combo With Celestion Greenback Speakers. For those who crave more power, the AC30 expands on the captivating sound of its little brother by doubling the wattage. Employing a quartet of EL84 power tubes, the AC30 Custom pumps 30 watts of remarkable

Play your electric guitar anytime & anywhere with the Vox amPlug AC30. New circuit, 9 degree plug Best compact headphone amp Three reasons to buy the Vox Amplug AC30 Headphone amp: Small enough to take with you anywhere and play everywhere. Easy to use just plug and

Yes a real good AC30 emulation would be great! Fender Bassman or Twin Reverb would be nice too. And if the skies between UAD and Roland clear up, why not a Roland Jazz Chorus. All good and special sounding amps. But if I had to choose between all of them it would be the AC30.

Check Sweetwater Price Summary Every electric guitarist knows the Vox AC30 amplifier. For almost 60 years it has been hugely popular with the most famous guitarists in rock-n-roll history, beginning - of course - with Hank

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AC-30's are really versatile and not all modelers do all the sounds equally. My only point of reference Yep, I have heard nothing but good things about the 11R amp sims. It might be a good investment Hands down, the best MFX sim of an AC30 for me IMO has been the Zoom G5. There is a

AC30/4s used by bass players tended to suffer from mechanical damage caused by increased low frequency vibration and in response, Vox redesigned the The natural sonic virues of the AC30 are also too well evoked by him to need more description. An intersting detail is that he does not use

I test & compare 4 amp sim emulations both free & paid of the legendary guitar amp Vox AC30 which includes Voice DC30 by Nembrini audio, Classic thirthy

The Vox AC30 comes in a few different stock speaker configurations including Alnico Blue and Greenback options. For those that own a 1×12 Vox Please Note: You should always double-check the speaker rating of your amplifier before doing anything. All Vox AC30 amplifiers have an

The VGH AC30 features reverb, chorus and delay effects. Each effect can be adjusted, offering tone with excellent presence. This product uses a headphone amp circuit based on the valve reactor technology, achieving a dynamic amp sound that takes impedance, efficiency and

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Vox amps are my favourite and if I can get that sound from a teeny battery Buy that Vox Amplug AC30. It is a slice of heaven and itīs cheap. Been meaning to build some JFET based amp sim circuits for years.

The Vox AC-30 has a tone that resonates with people, from the jangly tones of early Beatles recordings to Brian May's epic wall-of-Vox lead and riff work to the vocal, funky jazz fusion of John Scofield. That these examples span such different points on the musical spectrum is a testament to the ...

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Read more: Vox AC30S1 Combo. Originally made as a custom order for Shadows guitarist Hank Marvin so In the 1970s, the AC30 returned to centre stage as the amp of choice for Rory Gallagher, Queen The modern AC30 is somewhat different to its 60s ancestors in terms of features;

The shock-waves caused by the release of Vox's AC30 are still felt, even though this amp first hit the streets a very long time ago. This is a headphones guitar amplifier that fits in your pocket. If you are looking for ultimate portability, Vox amPlug 2 AC30 is one of your best bets.

Read user reviews for Vox AC30C2 / AC30C2X Guitar Combo Amplifier (30 Watts, 2x12") and see over 325,000 product reviews at The amp sounds best with the master cranked and using it as a clean platform for a pedalboard in my opinon. But its more versatile than that

VOX AC30C2 AC30C2X 2x12 COMBO AMP VINYL AMPLIFIER COVER W/ WHITE TRIM vox109. Vox AC-30H2 2x12 Combo Amp Cover, Water Resistant, Black by Tuki (vox115p). or Best Offer. From United States. Free shipping.

The AC-30 was the sole Vox amp model that survived the various ownership changes, although at selling off the remaining Rose Morris amp inventory while they were developing the new AC30TB and AC30TBX. The former Rose Morris Vox manufacturing facilities were small and relatively inefficient.

Vox AC30 AMP Sims. August 2019 is the first KVR Guitar Month so here's a new forum for discussion of all things guitar! I think every amp sim has one or more AC-30's (I think Amplitube 4 has 2 just in the included library), so what are you looking for? Just a list of all, or for people to list the good ones.

An amp simulator (amp sim for short) is a plugin that imitates the sound of a guitar amp. I understand if you can't find vintage amps to compare, but you could put a Vox AC30 sim up against a Bad Cat Cub or a Matchless DC-30, a Princeton Reverb sim against a Vintage Sound 15, or

CONSENSUS The VOX AC30 is a versatile amp that takes overdrive pedals well. It has a solid distortion and a great clean channel. Best amp ever made. I have the Vox AC30C2X amp that I purchased used from Reverb. It sounds beautiful thanks to its Celestion Blue speakers and it

The VOX AC30 combo amp has been an icon for decades, known as the sound that powered the 1960s' "British Invasion." Based on the classic AC30 design, the all-new Custom Series AC30C2 and AC30C2X offer numerous up-todate enhancements, delivering the most versatile AC30 design

I've been scouring the internet for a free VST plugin for a Vox AC30 amp sim. I'm sure there are some but a lot of free plug-ins have names that are

The unique Vox AC30 headphones can plug directly into a guitar or an ordinary music source, and deliver surprisingly intricate, detailed sound for their The English brand Vox is better known for guitar amps, pedals and organs — gear for musicians, not listeners. To draw upon that bloodline, the

The Vox AC30 is a legendary British guitar amp, adored for its vibrant clean tones and raunchy overdrive. Shop the AC30 range now at Andertons Music Co! Vox AC30 Amps. This item has been successfully added to your list. Continue Shopping.

The Vox AC30 is a guitar amplifier manufactured by Vox. It was introduced in 1958 to meet the growing demand for louder amplifiers. Characterised by its "jangly" high-end sound it has become widely recognized by British musicians and others.

AC30 provides use of a tremolo circuit, as well as nine selectable effects with three types of Chorus, Delay, and Reverb. So, last week I bought this Vox unit VOX AP2BS amPlug Bass G2 Guitar Headphone Amp which does the same thing but is made for a bass and costs almost four times

The Vox Am plug 2 The Vox amPlug 2 AC30 Headphone Guitar Amp with 2 watt mini cabinet: An amazing practice gear that ever happened.! Actually I think It sounds better than my POD HD500X AC30 sim when I play with headphones or record.